bsdtalk090 – Sys Admin Mike Erdely

New year, suggestions for a new opening song?

News: PC-BSD 1.3 released. Get it at

Interview with Sys Admin Mike Erdely. You can find more information on his use of binpatch at

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bsdtalk080 – EuroBSDCon Organizer Massimiliano Stucchi

Interview with EuroBSDCon organizer Massimiliano Stucchi.
After the interview, he wanted me to let people know that there's the chance to preorder O'reilly books, with a 30% discount, which can be picked up at the conference. Contact the folks at for details.

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bsdtalk079 – OpenBSD Developer David Gwynne

Call for papers and presentations from AsiaBSDCon.
BSDCan pushed back a week to May 18 and 19.
I had a great weekend at NYCBSDCon. Slides and audio are available at

Interview with OpenBSD developer David Gwynne. We talk about the upcoming 4.0 release of OpenBSD and current projects that he is working on.

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bsdtalk073 – Interview with Sevan Janiyan

There is now an ogg RSS feed on the main page thanks to a listener.

Interview with Sevan Janiyan. We talk about the Brighton Chilli WiFi hotspot project, which can be found at

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