New ports committer: David Thiel

November 28, 2006 by · Leave a Comment 

When do people learn not to send too many PRs? David Thiel made the classic mistake and received his usual punishment applied by Edwin, who will mentor him. Wish him luck!

New portmgr member: Pav Lucistnik

November 23, 2006 by · Leave a Comment 

Portmgr is pleased to announce that Pav Lucistnik has accepted the
challenge of being a portmgr member.  Pav has been with the project for
a long time and is one of our most active committers and bug busters.
He has been working on the ports infrastructure and will now be working
with the other portmgr members on integrating infrastructure patches
and quality assurance in addition to other portmgr tasks.

Wish him luck!

3 new ports committers

November 6, 2006 by · Leave a Comment 

It seems our precious committers got very restless during the freeze and all of 3 new people were proposed for a commit bit.  3 is a lucky number, they say, and it certainly seems so for all 3 were given a commit bit today.  Please welcome Jeremy Chadwick, Frank Lazslo and Babak Farrokhi to the ranks of the ports committers!

Ports tree thawed

November 1, 2006 by · Leave a Comment 

As most people will already have noticed, the ports tree is no longer frozen. This has led to an enormous flood of build up fury and several hundreds of updates have already gone into the tree within one day. However, until the release is out, the tree is not completely open for any commit, so called ports slush. Sweeping changes (see definition) are not allowed until after 6.2 release is out the door.