FreeBSD portmgr thank you to the FreeBSD Foundation

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We would like to publicly thank the FreeBSD Foundation for granting Baptiste Daroussin and Julien Laffaye a travel grant to travel to BSDCan 2011 for the Ports and Packages Working Group held at in Ottawa last week.  The working group itself was a huge success and a number of improvements with regard to automated binary package creation and distribution to ease upgrade procedures for our users were discussed and will hopefully be implemented over the next few months.

None of these improvements, however, would be possible without a long overdue rewrite of the package tools provided by FreeBSD.  Over last few years, a number of attempts were made to enhance the current tools, but none have been as all-compassing as the PKGNG project by Baptiste and Julien.  The presentation given by Baptiste at the packages summit and summariszed at the DevSummit track of BSDCan showed a comprehensive new tool that can completely replace the current tools, and provide a clear migration path from the old to the new tool.  It also provides a large number of new features while keeping the old ones and is a lot more flexible to be able to add more features later.  As you may have heard, Baptiste has also joined the ports management team as a result of his efforts.

Thanks again to the Foundation for sponsoring Baptiste, Julien, Simon Nielsen (Deputy Security Officer) and Thomas Abthorpe (Ports Management Team) who all were instrumental into making the ports working group such a success.


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So long HP Blade Cluster and thanks for all the packages

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After many years of faithful service, today the FreeBSD Ports Management Team decided to decommission the HP Blade Cluster. When the 20-node BladeSystem was donated to the FreeBSD Foundation, by Hewlett-Packard back in 2005, it tripled the speed of the i386 package building process. Today, and several hardware generations later however, it is no longer profitable to keep the system running inside the cluster. The portmgr team has been very pleased with the system, especially the built-in out-of-band power management- and console system. The system has also proved to be very reliable; even with continuous high workloads for so many years, the only hardware failures we experienced were some of the disks. The i386 package cluster now consists of 5 Xeon-based servers hosted at ISC until the new clusters are fully online.

We again wish to thank HP for their generous donation and Yahoo! for hosting it in one of their datacenter.

New portmgr member: Baptiste Daroussin

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Portmgr is pleased to announce that Baptiste Daroussin, bapt@, has joined the ranks of the Ports Management team. He has been working hard on some large infrastructure improvements, including a new OPTIONS framework and PKGNG that will replace the current pkg_* tools and bring them into the 21 century. We are very happy to have him onboard, where he will continue working on these and other much needed infrastructure improvements with the full power of the pointyhats.

Ports and Packages for Supported Releases

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Portmgr published a new page on their website which describes the current support and EoL policies for the ports tree and released packages. The main take-home messages are:

  • Support of FreeBSD releases by ports and the ports infrastructure matches the policies set out by the FreeBSD Security Officer.
  • Package builds will use the oldest supported minor release within each major branch to ensure ABI and KBI backwards compatability within each major branch, and support all minor versions of each major branch, including -RELEASE and -STABLE.

See the full policy on the portmgr webpage.