Please welcome Beat Gaetzi to the Ports Management team

December 2, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

We are pleased to announce the addition of Beat Gaetzi (beat@) to the team. Beat, like many others was a long time contributor prior to receiving his commit bit in 2009. Beat is well know for his work with the Gecko and Vbox teams, in addition to his hosting of test/development repositories for many of our community members.

Beat’s next unenviable task will be taking us through the rocky road ahead in migrating the CVS Ports repository to Subversion.

Please join me in welcoming Beat to the team. Congratulations Beat!

on behalf of portmgr@

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One Response to “Please welcome Beat Gaetzi to the Ports Management team”
  1. Daniel Seuffert says:

    Congrats Beat! A wise decision to add this bright young man to Portmgr!