Change in the FreeBSD Ports Management Team

August 23, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Florent Thoumie, aka flz@, recently stepped down from his roll on the FreeBSD Ports Management team.

Florent started on portmgr back in August 2008, being instrumental in maintaining the legacy pkg_* code plus other aspects of the ports infrastructure, including but not limited to the unifying of the code base for the ports build system.

On behalf of the Ports Management team, we want to thank Florent for his years of service, he will be missed.

on behalf of portmgr@

New GPG key for the portmgr-secretary@

August 2, 2012 by · 1 Comment 

After almost seven years, I figured it was about time for a new GPG key for the portmgr-secretary.

The key id is BBC4D7D5, the fingerprint is FB37 45C8 6F15 E8ED AC81 32FC D829 4EC3 BBC4 D7D5, and the public key is viewable at

I have signed it with the old secretary key, as well as my own personal key.

Please update your keyring with the new info.