Getting to know your portmgr@ — Bernhard Froehlich

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In our ongoing series on getting to know your portmgr@, we talk to Bernhard Frölich, the one who brought us


Bernhard Frölich

Committer name 


Inspiration for your IRC nick

decke == blanket in German, mascot: /dev/blanket from ThinkGeek

TLD of origin 

AT (Austria)


Software developer (logistics, fully automated warehouses)

When did you join portmgr@



Inspiration for using FreeBSD

As a software developer I always liked the simplicity and straight
forward way of solving problems.

Who was your first contact in FreeBSD

miwi – high quality automated PR and commit bot

Who was your mentor(s)

miwi, beat

What was your most embarrassing moment in FreeBSD

About two years ago we had an X11 update and my laptop started to
become unuseable on the docking station because the mouse cursor and
X11 windows kept failing in very strange ways. Everything was working
fine when working on the built in laptop display but when docked with
USB mouse it was catastrophic. This situation lasted for a few months
until kdm@ fixed a bug in HAL that turned out to be the cause of this

Boxers / Briefs / other


What is your role in your circle of friends

Don’t have a role. It’s just me.

vi(m) / emacs / other

vi, eclipse

What keeps you motivated in FreeBSD

The FreeBSD community and all the people working on FreeBSD with such
an enthusiasm.

Favourite musician/band

Kosheen, Lamb, Zero 7

What book do you have on your bedside table

Papa To Go

coffee / tea / other

Jasmine Tea (Dragon Pearl)

Do you have a guilty pleasure

I’ve outsourced a lot of stuff to Google services (GMail, Google Apps,
AppEngine, …)

How would you describe yourself

always busy, sometimes grumpy, never too late

sendmail / postfix / other


Favourite webserver


Favourite alcoholic drink

Magners (Irish Cider)

Do you have a hobby outside of FreeBSD

All the usual technical and geek stuff. Not really a hobby but I really enjoy a great barbecue in summer.

What is your favourite TV show

Star Trek: Voyager, Top Gear, The Big Bang Theory, Psych

Claim to Fame

  • helped porting and maintaining VirtualBox for FreeBSD since the beginning
  • creator of and QAT

What did you have for breakfast today


What sports team do you support


What else do you do in the world of FreeBSD

I am also interested in DVB multimedia applications for FreeBSD which
is why I maintain mythtv and recently ported tvheadend to FreeBSD
besides the XBMC PVR addons.

What can you tell us about yourself that most people don’t know

I’m about to become father about the time this is published and I
expect that my little girl will consume all my spare time for quite a

Any parting words you want to share

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!

What is your .sig at the moment

Bernhard Fröhlich


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