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In this interview, we talk to another portmgr-lurker@, Antoine Brodin aka antoine@  He claims his superpower is laughing at tabthorpe’s jokes

<editor’s note: whatever that means>


Antoine Brodin

Committer name


Inspiration for your IRC nick

You have to ask my parents :)

TLD of origin



IS Security Consultant. I mainly perform incident response and provide security expertise.

When did you join portmgr@

Not yet, I am just a lurker



Inspiration for using FreeBSD

I started using FreeBSD in 2002, when I got my own computer. It is the best operating system around.

Who was your first contact in FreeBSD

pav@ handled my first ports PR in 2004

Who was your mentor(s)

rwatson@ was my src mentor in 2008, eadler@ and miwi@ were my ports mentors in 2013

What was your most embarrassing moment in FreeBSD

I don’t remember having one

Boxers / Briefs / other


vi(m) / emacs / other


What keeps you motivated in FreeBSD

There are improvements and new features implemented all the time. In the ports area for instance, there is STAGEDIR, pkgng, USES, QA stuff in just a few months

Favourite musician/band

My favorite artists are Admiral Tibett and Glen Washington

coffee / tea / other

Green tea

Do you have a guilty pleasure

Chocolate, fried chicken

sendmail / postfix / other

sendmail (because it is in base)

What is your favourite TV show

I don’t own a TV

What did you have for breakfast today

Hot chocolate, bread and mirabelle jam

What can you tell us about yourself that most people don’t know

I like cutting down trees in Morvan forest

What is your .sig at the moment



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2 Responses to “Getting to know your portmgr@ — Antoine Brodin”
  1. Daniel Nebdal says:

    The clearest trend so far: All portmgr/-lurkers people eat much nicer breakfasts than me.


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