Getting to know your portmgr@ — Baptiste Daroussin

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In this week’s interview, we talk to Baptiste Daroussin, who brought us such things as poudriere, pkgng, etc.


Baptiste Daroussin

Committer name


Inspiration for your IRC nick

Baptiste is too long to type

TLD of origin



Unix system engineer in general

When did you join portmgr@

May 2011

<Editor’s note: here is the video of bapt getting recruited, >


Inspiration for using FreeBSD

I started using FreeBSD as a student in 2001/2002 and never left it since

Who was your first contact in FreeBSD

According to ports/86401 barner@ was

Who was your mentor(s)

In the ports land: jadawin@ and tabthorpe@
In the src land: des@

What was your most embarrassing moment in FreeBSD

There are too much of them to be able just pick one like this.

Boxers / Briefs / other


What is your role in your circle of friends

Depend on the circle

vi(m) / emacs / other


What keeps you motivated in FreeBSD

FreeBSD is a fantastic Operatic System with a crappy package system
The ports needs lots of cleanup and modernization,
The package system still need lots of love.

Favourite musician/band

I like lots of different kind of music, if I have to choose just one band I
would say Metallica from before they mess up (I let fan decide themself when
they started to mess up)

What book do you have on your bedside table

The Restraint of Beasts by Magnus Mills

coffee / tea / other


Favourite whisky

Old Pultney

Do you have a guilty pleasure

Add french words to the FreeBSD user vocabulary

How would you describe yourself


sendmail / postfix / other


Do you have a hobby outside of FreeBSD

I do play rugby on a regular basis, I love reading books (real books not
e-something), party with friends etc.

What is your favourite TV show

I do not watch much television

Claim to Fame

pkgng, poudrière, USES, new options framework for the ports tree, staging area
support for the ports tree, more to come :)

What did you have for breakfast today

Chocapics :)

What sports team do you support

I love practicing but I not particularly supporting any team.

What else do you do in the world of FreeBSD

I’m trying to lean pf code and see how complicated it is to sync features from
OpenBSD’s version (I said trying :))

I maintain some contrib code in base: mostly m4 and byacc

What can you tell us about yourself that most people don’t know

I keep refraining myself from forking the ports tree into a portsng thing :)
(not sure most people don’t know that)

Any parting words you want to share

Any volunteer to document my work?

What is your .sig at the moment


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