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In this interview, we talk to the newest member of the team, Bryan Drewery.  Bryan first came to the attention of many by adopting portupgrade and friends, and then jumping into pkgng and poudriere.


Bryan Drewery

Committer name


TLD of origin


<Editor’s note: while Bryan claims to be a netizen, it is believed he is originally from .us :)>


Software Engineer

When did you join portmgr@

March 2013. Joined FreeBSD as a committer in August 2012. As a contributor
in March 2012.

Blog is my blog. I have not made much effort on it yet but
have a lot of ideas and content to add eventually.

Inspiration for using FreeBSD

It took a long time for me to discover FreeBSD. I wish I had 10 years
sooner. My first experience with a computer was with MS-DOS 5. Then I worked
up through Windows 3.1, 95, 98, XP. Somewhere around here I discovered Redhat
5 and shortly after Debian and Gentoo. In high school I took an AP CS class
that used FreeBSD 4, which was my first introduction to it. My first
introduction to ports was in the same class where not having root and wanting
to install an application I went into /usr/ports/irc/BitchX and tried to ‘make
install’ and failed of course. I still wish this worked. Shortly after that I
started doing work for a Shell Hosting company that used FreeBSD 4.10. At this
time I was still much more fond of Linux though. When I met my Wife, she was
also doing Shell Hosting with FreeBSD. That’s when I started doing actual
development on it and customizing the system. I found that with FreeBSD I
could customize the system far more than I could with any Linux distribution.
This is what sold me the most and led me away from Linux. Though I do still
use Linux for Xen dom0 and some development.

Who was your first contact in FreeBSD

Probably garga@ qmail patches I sent in years ago. Once I discovered pkgng
though it was bapt@. That’s what led me to becoming a committer. I actually
knew zi@ outside of FreeBSD too from when I was an EFNet oper.

Who was your mentor(s)

Baptiste Daroussin (bapt@) and Eitan Adler (eitan@)

What was your most embarrassing moment in FreeBSD

Wiping systems of course. One of which was someone else’s system who ran my
bad code!

vi(m) / emacs / other

I was a longtime (6 years) pico/nano poweruser (haha) until I discovered vim
in my first real job.

What keeps you motivated in FreeBSD

I just like to write code. It’s hard for me to let go of things I put a lot
of effort into! I got into this with the intent to help get packaging working
for my own servers and to takeover ports that were abandoned that I felt were
critical for my servers.

Favorite musician/band

There’s so many. Lately I’ve been listening to metalcore and post-hardcore
bands. has all of the music I listen to.

What book do you have on your bedside table

Design and Implementation of FreeBSD, Kindle, C++ Standard Template Library

coffee / tea / other

I used to drink insane amounts of diet Mt. Dew. Not anymore though, no
caffeine for me.

Do you have a guilty pleasure

I get into games every now and then. Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii. I love Windows
7. I’ve been a Mac user for a few months now as well.

sendmail / postfix / other

qmail. My mail server is something that I setup years ago, hacked at quite a
bit with custom patches and never want to redo again.

What is your favorite TV show

Breaking Bad, Lost, The Wire, Dr. Who, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter.

What sports team do you support

I’m not really into rooting on sports teams. I enjoy playing much more than

What else do you do in the world of FreeBSD

I maintain upstream for portupgrade and poudriere, help with pkgng, qmail,
openssh-portable. I also am starting to work more in the src world. I maintain
portmaster but have not put much real effort into it. For portmgr I help test
Mk/ patches, I do exp-runs, help manage the package building systems, and fix
Mk/ bugs as I run across them.

What can you tell us about yourself that most people don’t know

I was involved with the eggdrop IRC bot project and have been maintaining a
pretty popular fork of my own for the past 10 years.

Any parting words you want to share

Getting involved with Open Source is really easy. We’re all volunteers like
you. Just start helping. Send patches, bug reports, code, documentation,
translations, typo fixes. Everything helps.

What is your .sig at the moment

Bryan Drewery

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