FreeBSD 9.1 ports feature freeze

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The FreeBSD 9.1 schedule has been published, Historically we have done a Feature Freeze at RC1, we are going to try do it with RC2 this time, tentatively scheduled for August 3, subject to schedule slippage.

At the time the the Release Engineering team announces RC2 is ready, we will then enforce “Feature Safe” commits only. This means no sweeping changes will be allowed, see

Once portmgr@ is satisfied that the requisite packages are built to ship with FreeBSD 9.1, the ports tree will be re-opened for business.

on behalf of portmgr

Ports tree migration to Subversion

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The FreeBSD ports tree will migrate from CVS to Subversion soon. The anticipated date for the migration is July 14th. This will have no impact for ports tree users as there will be a SVN to CVS exporter.

Please note that cvsup will still work after the migration. Nevertheless c(v)sup is pretty dated so you may want to see if portsnap(8) will fit your needs.

Beat and Thomas
on behalf of portmgr@

Ports Feature Freeze for FreeBSD 8.3 is now in effect

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FreeBSD 8.3 RC1 has been pulicly announced, it is now time for the the
Ports Feature Freeze.

Normal upgrade, new ports, and changes that only affect other branches
will be allowed without prior approval, but with the extra

Feature safe: yes

tag in the commit message. Any commit that is sweeping, i.e. touches a
large number of ports, infrastructural changes, commits to ports with
unusually high number of dependencies, and any other commit that requires
the rebuilding of many packages will not be allowed without prior explicit
approval from portmgr@ after that date.

on behalf of portmgr@

Upcoming 8.3 ports feature freeze

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The FreeBSD 8.3 release process is under way, you can view the schedule,

As has become the custom, a ports feature freeze is anticipated to be
announced with the RC1 date, tentatively scheduled at this time
for March 2, 2012. Watch for further announcements as we get closer.

During the feature freeze, committers are expected to be conservative with
their commits, that is, no sweeping commits, infrastructure changes, or
commits to ports with a high number of dependencies.

New ports announce mailing list

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At the request of adamw@ (and others) we have setup a ports-announce@ mailing list to try distinguish the usual traffic on the ports@ list vs the announcements that seem to get lost in there.

You can subscribe at

It is intended, but not limited, to be a means of communicating portmgr@ announcements, Calls for Testing, plus other relevant information to be used by our committers and ports maintainer community.

It is our hope to keep this relatively low in traffic. It is a moderated list, under the auspices of portmgr@.

Please subscribe, sit back, and enjoy.

on behalf of portmgr@

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