man and info pages in ports

With newer autoconf (I think it’s 2.61), the default location of man and info pages are changed to ${prefix}/share. This requires port to manually set correct location for configure script. Last year, stas@ filed a PR with patch but it caused more problems that he thought. Since then, he decided to revisit this later.

Recently, while looking at changing default CONFIGURE_TARGET with –build= prefix, I find a possible solution for info/man pages location. Right now, I’m testing this patch in my tinderbox. While the building is still in progress, it only breaks few ports that do things strangle. For example, one port (forget which) needs trailing / after ${mandir}, another one does not understand localized man pages live in ${mandir}/lang/man${sect}.

I think the build will be finished today later. When it’s done, I will file PR for it
(of course, with some documentation patch). After that, I will work on CONFIGURE_TARGET changes (but it will be slower due to my master thesis).

UPDATE (April 12): This is submitted as ports/111470.

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  1. pav says:

    I don’t know, pal, I don’t get how this is supposed to work before `make extract’?

    Like, going to a cleaned ports dir and typing make -V CONFIGURE_ARGS ?

  2. rafan says:

    The _LATE_CONFIGURE_ARGS is a env variable instead of a make one and it is evaluated in do-configure target. This works the same way as _LATE_PKG_ARGS (actually, it’s inspired by marcus@’s post about CONFIGURE_TARGET last year on ports@).

  3. A very clever idea, rafan! Thanks for revisiting this issue!

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