the CONFIGURE_TARGET update in

Recently, I picked up the CONFIGURE_TARGET update task again (I did a shot last summer, but failed). The update is to use the new syntax for newer autoconf (>2.13) for specifying configure target. In my last year’s attempt, I just added the –build prefix in and found there are too many ports will break because they use the old autoconf. The world changes a lot during the past year. In addition, I take another approach this year: instead of make the new syntax as default, I do a runtime autoconf version detection in the do-configure target. It turns out the build went smoothly. Now this is committed to the ports tree two days ago.

Finally, I want to say thank you to Pav for the pointyhat exp build and the wonderful infrastructure rewritten by Kris (without this, we can not finish an amd64 exp run within in one day).

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