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libmytinfo is gone and few ports are broken

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

As requested by ache@, I removed them. The real libmytinfo exists in 3.x and below. After that, it is only a link and libncurses has its functionality. I just got krismail about 1x ports are broken. I fix 4 of them and I don’t think the rest are really broken (they only checks libmytinfo in configure). I’m building a new HEAD jail in my tinderbox, so I can test them.

I should really go to bed (it’s 5am here). :)

a shiny pointyhat

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

Today, I removed chinese/xcin (there is a URL explains the reason in the commit message). For some unknown reason, Tools/script/rmport does not show me that there are 3 ports depend on it. After the commit, I am kicked by portsnap index builder. Then, few hours later, after dinner and some TV series, I notice that vd@ disconnects few ports from chinese/ that makes me nervous. So, I take a look and fix them. Anyway, a shiny pointyhat is added to my collections.