Using github for GSoC work

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These days, a lot of open source projects and even startup companies are using git and Github to host their code and do rapid development.  Although the FreeBSD project’s SCM is Subversion,
it is still possible to use Github to work with FreeBSD thanks to the work of FreeBSD developers who have set up scripts which mirror the FreeBSD code in Github (see: ).

Using the Github repository, it should be possible for a GSoC student to:

  1. Look at the FreeBSD source code at
  2. Create their own copy of the FreeBSD code in Github by following the instructions at “Fork a Repo”,
  3. Check out the FreeBSD code from their Github copy and rebuild the world and kernel by following the instructions at “Rebuilding world”
  4. Modify the code, debug the kernel, and do other fun stuff by reading “Developer’s handbook”,
  5. Follow some of the ideas in Alfred Perlstein’s blog post for Basing a Commerical Product on FreeBSD Using Git



It would be fun to try this all out!!

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