Setting up a VM for doing GSoC work (part 2)

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For previous post, see Setting up a VM for doing GSoC work

Since Neeraj is using a Windows 7 machine, where FreeBSD is in a VM, I asked him to install the following programs under Windows:

In the FreeBSD VM, I asked him to add this to /etc/rc.conf :


and this to /etc/ssh/sshd_config :

PermitRootLogin yes

This allowed him to (1) log into the VM via SSH using Putty, (2) transfer some files to and from the VM using WinSCP

Configuring sshd is documented in the FreeBSD Handbook here:


One point of confusion for Neeraj was that some config files are located in /usr/local/etc (for certain ports),but the certain config files are under /etc.  For example, the  sshd config files are under /etc/ssh/  (and not /usr/local/etc/ssh/).  Depending on the Linux distribution, on Linux there is generally no /usr/local directory, and all config files go under /etc.  This is one slight point of confusion for users moving from Linux to FreeBSD.  Nothing too difficult, but something worth noting.

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  2. […] For previous post, see: Setting up a VM for doing GSoC work (part 2) […]

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