FreeBSD on the MacBook: project last words

I’ve been running Mac OS X on my MacBook for some time mostly because I needed a very stable platform and good power management for college. But now that college is over, I decided to install FreeBSD again.

After a few hours of compiling/installing/configuring, I booted up Xorg. Of course, I never created a /etc/X11/xorg.conf file because new Xorg versions can auto-detect the hardware. After a few seconds of fluxbox usage, Xorg crashes. WTH? I tried to start it up again. The graphics card registers are in an unexpected state (that’s what the Xorg intel driver tells me). Double WTH?

Only a reboot fixed it.

The problem was that Xorg was using a 24 or 32 bit depth. It works fine with 16 bit.

Unfortunately, this is the “state-of-the-art” when it comes to Xorg and I’m so tired of it that I got back to Mac OS X. I’ve been enduring XFree/Xorg/<insert crappy application here> pain for some years now and I’m only 22 years old. I can try to fix FreeBSD, but I don’t have time to fix all the other applications.

As you may have guessed from the title, this means that I won’t devote my time to the FreeBSD on the MacBook project and, instead, I will dedicate myself to other FreeBSD projects.

TCP projects

For those out there that might be interested, I have been working on/following these FreeBSD networking projects:

  • TCP Congestion Control API
  • TCP ABI cleanup

You can find more information about them at the FreeBSD wiki:

It would be great if all of these could be included in FreeBSD 8.0!

Initial SoC work

I’ve been busy with college assignments, but I’ve been doing some SoC work on my spare time. tcpad is my SoC project for this year and it’s basically a pcap-based TCP session anomaly detector. The basic principle is that, whenever something “strange” happens with a TCP connection, we will dump a pcap file containing the most important packets (TCP FSM transitions and the last 100 packets that arrived prior to the problem).
The current version of tcpad can track only the 3WHS, yet, but more code is to be written as college assignments are all done now.

First entry

Hello there,
This my first entry. I decided to finally start blogging about FreeBSD. :-)
I’m also participating in this years SoC with the TCP anomaly detector project, so, this blog will mainly talk about that.

Good luck to everyone on this years SoC!