lii(4) driver for Attansic L2 ethernet (found on Asus Eee PC 700/701)

I’ve been hacking the NetBSD lii(4) driver so that it works under FreeBSD. This driver is most notably found on the Asus line of sub-notebooks, Eee PC. So far, so good. I did not finish the porting yet, but the mechanical changes are mostly done.
The reason for this is that I bought an Eee PC 701, hence I need this driver, :-), although I haven’t touched my Eee PC yet (it’s at my parents house). But I will do the first testing this weekend.

If you have this hardware and would like to help with the effort, please email me.

The effort is being revision controlled at //depot/user/rpaulo/lii/.

tcpad status report #2

So, I found some time to continue my SoC work. tcpad is now capable of handling the most important TCP FSM transitions, like CLOSE_WAIT, FIN_WAIT_1, SYN_SENT, etc. I also implemented a basic timer facility that cleans up old connections in TIME_WAIT state. This still doesn’t honor the 2MSL required by the RFC, but it’s a start. :-)
I also cleaned the code a little and improved the debugging macro.

Next is SEQ/ACK analysis.

tcpad status report #1

So, I’ve been busy studying for this month’s exams. Hence, not much tcpad development time was spent.

Nonetheless, I’ve did the initial pcap processing, that is, saving selected packets to a pcap dump file. And that works. :-)

The next step is finish the TCP/IP processing. This includes FSM transitions and SEQ/ACK analysis.