(D)VCS for $HOME mirroring

Many people use a Version Control Systems to mirror their $HOMEs in several networked computers. This has clear advantages of doing incremental backups of your $HOME (TimeMachine, anyone? :-)) and keeping it in sync across several computers. In the past, I’ve used Mercurial to do this job, but some months ago I switched to Subversion because I wanted to use try the one-VCS-for-all meme (Subversion is now being used by FreeBSD in case you don’t know). Unfortunately, it didn’t work out well. The computer where I kept the svn repo had a horrible hard disk failure and this made me wonder if I was using the right tool. Today, I switched back to Mercurial and I guess this is the right tool for the job.

So, you want to test the FreeBSD/i386 EFI boot loader?

Well, EFI is nothing new, but, currently, we only support EFI booting on FreeBSD/ia64. Before Apple started shipping MacBooks with EFI, there would be a small interest in adding EFI boot loader to anything but ia64. But now that there are thousands of Intel Macs, interest has risen.

I’ve been asked by several people to make available a patch for my recent take on the FreeBSD/i386 EFI boot loader. I’m also making available binaries for i386.

So, if you have a Core Duo/Solo MacBook (Core 2 won’t work yet, sorry) and want to try it out, do the following:

One thing worth playing with is the ‘col’ command I just added. It basically changes the screen resolution. So here’s your chance to have something super leet: a FreeBSD boot loader at 1280×800 or more! :-) Also, EFI will make your HFS+ partition avaiable to the boot loader, so doing an ‘ls’ will really show your files.

Oh, the source code? Here: http://people.freebsd.org/~rpaulo/efi.tgz.

One final thing: I’m still working on kernel booting, so don’t expect it to work.