, step 4, and more

I haven’t written an update for the status on (the next for a while and that’s unfortunately since there isn’t much news. “Things” have a tendency to get in the way… That said, some progress has been made, e.g. I think all CGI scripts except man.cgi have been updated to work with perl 5.8, so that’s one less issue which has to be dealt with.

If anybody is wondering which things I’m talking about that is taking my time it’s e.g. FreeBSD-SA-06:19.openssl, FreeBSD-SA-06:20.bind, and FreeBSD-SA-06:21.gzip which took some of my time in the last couple of weeks (not that I was the only one working on them – far from – but I handle a part of them).

FreeBSD-SA-06:20.bind was a particularly cooperative advisory. It was mainly written by philip@, remko@, and myself with language fixes by cperciva@ and brueffer@. And of cause the thanks to both philip@ and remko@ for that is prodding them to write more. The thanks to brueffer@ was another advisory for him to proofread.

And when you, the reader, find all the typo’s and grammar errors in this blog post you know why I never write an advisory entirely by myself – somebody always need to check my Danglish :-).

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  1. Erwin Lansing says:

    Just remember: no news is good news.

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