Web server fun

When I started the “sky” project (the new jail based www.FreeBSD.org) I never expected how much magic was involved, or how long it would take to set up a new www.FreeBSD.org from scratch, so that’s why the project has been going slow for a while.

Over the last month or so the current www.FreeBSD.org has had severe hardware problems which caused it to crash often. That is of course rather annoying but the positive thing is that it has given me motivation for finishing up the setup on sky. Now that EuroBSDCon 2007 is over I will also have more time to do other FreeBSD stuff again.

I am currently at the FreeBSD Developers summit and I’m mainly working on sky. It’s been a while since I messed with it so just upgrading ports etc. in the jails has taken some time, but I’m not done yet – so stay tuned for more updates.

Oh, and if www.FreeBSD.org is down, try wwwfe.FreeBSD.org which is the main FreeBSD website running on sky.FreeBSD.org.

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  1. grUNIX says:

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