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A month or so before EuroBSDCon 2007 conference the systems at Yahoo! had gotten IPv6 connectivity with the main web server and mail servers being accessible via IPv6. The FreeBSD wiki was still IPv4 only as was (and still is) is running in a jail.

At the conference I talked to Bjoern A. Zeeb (AKA bz@) about the issue with IPv4 only jails and he was interested in making a patch so FreeBSD jails could support IPv6 and the FreeBSD wiki could be accessible via IPv6.

I should poke Bjoern regularly about making the patch, which I failed miserably at, but he got work done on the patch anyway. A few weeks ago he sent me the IPv6 jail patch for me to try out. Since life should be interesting I didn’t try it on a test server, but on the production web server sky which hosts the FreeBSD wiki and more. Just in case there were any problems I made sure I was around to recover things in case the system blew up, but none of that happened. In fact, since I installed the patch on sky a week ago there haven’t been any problems (that I know of at least). Granted there aren’t much IPv6 traffic, but the IPv4 part have been under its normal load.

So far the main DNS record for the wiki has not been updated to include the AAAA records, so people will use IPv6 if they have it, but that expected to come soon. For now people can try out the wiki using IPv6 by accessing It has a slight (100%) likeness with the IPv4 wiki, but… IPv6!

For people interested in the patch the work is being done in the FreeBSD Perforce repository at //depot/user/bz/jail/…. I am sure Bjoern will post appropriate public patch when he think it is ready. Credit should also go to Pawel Jakub Dawidek (AKA pjd@) who made the multi IP(v4) jail patch which Bjoern based his patch on. Thanks to Bjoern and Pawel for the work making this possible!

Now I just need to actually get around to setting up IPv6 at home, so I can actually try out the IPv6 wiki myself in anything other than lynx from other hosts… any year now.

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4 Responses to “The FreeBSD IPv6 Wiki”

  1. Bjoern A. Zeeb says:

    You can find patches, etc. here:

    Have fun:-)

  2. Jared Mauch says:

    The patch site appears to be down right now.

  3. Eric Crist says:

    It’s still down at 2008-07-22 13:49, was supposed to be back up by yesterday. :\

  4. simon says:

    Bjoern had had some unexpects problems when moving his server, so it might be a while longer berfore it is back.

    The patches on the jail page doesn’t apply cleanly at the moment (at least to RELENG_7) but I’m testing a new version now which should be up soon.

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