Netperf Backup Project

I wrote a bit about one of my current projects for the FreeBSD Status report, unfortunatly due to some mixup it didn’t get included, so I’m posting the text here instead:

Recently NetApp donated one of their Filer storage systems and Sentex donated hosting of it with the FreeBSD Foundation helping with various administrative tasks. See the FreeBSD Foundation July 2008 Newsletter for details of the donation.As of this writing around 1 TB of data has been transfered to the off-site storage system and critical systems are being set up for periodic backup as time permits. The 1 TB includes the FreeBSD ftp-archive containing old FreeBSD releases which is being extra backed up to avoid loosing the history data for the FreeBSD project.

The actual backups are being done with rsync over ssh glued together by some custom scripts. As I’m not that creative with naming, the “system” is called qsbp or “Q Simple Backup Push”. File system snapshots are being used to preserve old data while still allowing a relativly simple system to be used.

On behalf of the the FreeBSD Admins Team, I would like to thank NetApp, Sentex, and the FreeBSD Foundation for making this possible.

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