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Time to stop relaxing

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

About half of month I was doing nothing (actually vacations were planned, but they shifted once and shifted totally away at second time :)) I gave my second testing computer to brother, so I’m waiting when ordered notebook will come to doors of my home to continue developing.

There are several major tasks to perform:

1. Check why gziped version of modules are not loaded correctly (rc and forth scripts  e.g. loaded correctly). I’ve unwinded call stack from interact() to working with file systems, it seems there is no nothing criminal, but non-compressed versions of modules are not loaded after first 512 bytes read by file_read(). May be I’ve made somewhere incorrect define of macro.

2. To implement directory listing (parse html result of server-reply). Main purpose to use same code for different listing types (detect numbers anf filenames between tags without actual parsing of html). After first view – this task seems solvable.

3. To comment more accurately commits, that were changing libstand. May be I’ll add also another function there strnstr(), which behaviour is “emulated” now in not very good fashion in pxe_http module with usage of strstr() and manual adding of zero byte at end of readed from socket data.

4. Work a little bit with assembler source. There is now unused code here and there is working, but may be not very correct ISR here. So, change it. Also, PXE call trap is duplicated – so there may be small optimization.

5. Added to loader functions must be revised (some of them really useless, after testing is completed). Comment them.

6. Write more solid documentation. And upgrade existing in some parts.

I hope, I’ll start working at the end of week. After completing of this tasks earlier mentioned telnet client module will be started (may be this will need to make PXE sockets API more similar to common sockets, then it’ll be possible to use common telnet client code, but without advanced terminal settings and signals support).