6.2 planning, Part 1

(I’m sure I’ll be making more posts on this topic, hence the “Part 1″.)

re@ is pushing back the 6.2 release schedule by about a month; this is mostly due to the fact that 6.1 took awhile to get out the door and we need some time to work out some issues. We still need to come up with a more detailed schedule, but code freeze is going to start on or around 25 August, and we should release in early October.

On the 6.1 front, we’ve issued on errata notice (for a problem with rc.d/jail), and we’re working on another errata notice covering some network bugs. I wrote up a draft for this over the weekend…half of the effort was looking up what the revisions were in CVS. As I’ve learned countless times before, the best way to understand something is to be forced to explain it to someone else.

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