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RELENG_6 open

Sunday, November 19th, 2006

We’re actually in pretty good shape (hah) on 6.2. 6.2-RC1 has been built, uploaded, and announced, and kensmith@ released the code freeze for the RELENG_6 codeline. This means essentially that developers are free to begin merging work that will eventually become FreeBSD 6.3, although we do request that major changes be coordinated with re@ until 6.2-RELEASE is finalized.

On top of that, kensmith@ and I worked off (I think) all of outstanding MFC requests in re’s queue this morning.

I need to go look at some stuff with the recent 7.0 snapshots (announced by kensmith@ today). If for nothing else I need to update the CURRENT manpage set on (there used to be some part of this that was automated).

6.2 Branching Complete

Thursday, November 16th, 2006

kensmith@ created the RELENG_6_2 release branch today. This is the codeline that re@ will be using to finalize 6.2-RELEASE. All of the release candidate builds, as well as the final release, will come from this codeline, and after 6.2-RELEASE, we’ll turn over control of this branch to the security officer team. They’ll then use it as a security fix / errata branch.

I was reminded today of how difficult it is to multitask well (in human terms)…basically I broke the release notes build by trying to give advice to kensmith@ and pay attention to a meeting at the same time. Bad Bruce, no cookie.

The 6.2-RC1 build should be happening soon (probably would have been sooner if not for the aforementioned breakage). It’ll have the latest round of fixes for em(4), and a number of other bugfixes and stability enhacnements. There are still a few more MFCs pending that will happen after this build, but the plan is that what’s on RELENG_6_2 now will be fairly close to what we ship.

Followers of FreeBSD events might know that a physical relocation of many of the main machines will happen this Friday. I wonder how many committers will be going into withdrawal as machines go off-line during the move.