Monthly Archive for January, 2007

clsung: Note about RUN_DEPENDS/BUILD_DEPENDS of p5-* ports

Recently, we (ports) committers are keep receiving kris(bot) mailS. These mails are about build errors.

One of them is ‘fail of german/BBBike’, and inside the mail, the problem is not BBBike itself. So, I’m not the maintainer, why I received it? Because BBBike depends on p5-Text-Balanced, which was just upgraded to 2.0.0 by me. And in the Makefile I add
These causes the dependent ports (BBBike) error, because it still need in run-time. Thus, I add
RUN_DEPENDS= ${BUILD_DEPENDS} to avoid the problem.

clsung: Today’s best News

The winner is ‘HEADS UP: FreeBSD 4.11, 6.0 EoLs coming soon‘.

I just felt frustrated when dealing with something 4.x….