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clsung: [patch][jail] display jid in top

Daniel Gerzo asked if top can have a column to display jid last week. So I spend my lovely weekend *wink* to do the job.

Here is the patch. How to apply?

% cd /usr/src
% patch < patch_top_jid2
% cd /usr/src/usr.bin/top; make clean install clean

Then try either
% top -j
or toggle with ‘j’ when you’re using top.

NOTE: since this patch is not committed (yet), there is no documentation describe about that. :)

clsung: [Hands UP!!] Rename several of GNOME ports

Just as what ports/97985 said, serveral gnome-related ports renamed. How it caught my attention is the renaming from pkgconfig to pkg-config, since my tinderbox reported lots of error. But fine, now I solve it (by simply rebuild them all).

A question arised. Why these changes didn’t mention in ports/UPDATING?

clsung: Hurry Porter Project

Don’t follow me? Read this.

clsung: Good things to know for packet filter