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My First Blog

Sunday, November 12th, 2006

So very much going on but where to start. My current projects are:

  • Commit fwbuilder upgrade
  • Pending my investigation of what happened to the Enterprise Audit Shell, the author is a bit cagey about some legal issue, use the last open source version as a basis for a FreeBSD port
  • Work the myriad of screen issues
  • Upgrade my server system from it’s current 1.8GHz P4 to something more powerful and use the 1.8 GHz processor in my firewall.
  • Clean up the four obsolete systems lying here on the floor, a 33 MHz 486, 120 MHz 586, 133 MHz 586, 333 MHz P II, and a 730 MHz P III. Soon to be retired might be one 750 MHz AMD Athalon and maybe two 933 MHz P III’s, I haven’t decided yet about these. At least the new main server and new testbed can build ports and src a lot faster, though the firewall is now a little overpowered for what it does, but that’s OK.
  • Other than that the knee injury is healing and the other issue in my life was just resolved yesterday. Work on the book is proceeding.