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What I have been doing nowadays

Monday, October 16th, 2006

I have not posted a long time ago, so here’s a bit of summary what makes me busy nowadays besides my university studies:

  1. DESTDIR support: my test computer was broken for quite a long time, so I could not work on DESTDIR support. Not I got a new hard drive and a laptop, so I can continue working on this soon, I just have to set up the test computer again.
  2. Hungarian webpages: it is almost done, I submitted some text for the status reports as well. Only about 4-5 pages has to be translated, and of course it needs a thorough review for typos and grammar.
  3. Porting wpi driver: I’m not the most eligible for this, but there’s nobody interested with knowledge, so I’m trying to port this driver from OpenBSD. Most part are straightforward, and Sam Leffler’s iwi port is a good reference for FreeBSD-specific changes. I’m not sure, I can finish this port, however, it is my first experience with kernel-level programming.