Hungarian webpages committed

I’ve been working on the Hungarian translation of the webpages for a long time. Recently, I got to the point, where it reached a pretty good shape, so I looked for an active doc committer and Giorgos Keramidas (keramida@) offered that he can help me getting this stuff to the repo. He committed the webpages yesterday, so that we can see how it looks on Unfortunately, I found some very nasty things after the first build and spent this day with fixing those rendering issues and finally I succeeded and sent the patches to Giorgos. While fixing these issues I also found some typos and broken links, which are also fixed now. And while here, I also sínced the content, so I think I can announce it in the Hungarian community forums after Giorgos committed the new patches. This translation also supposed to be a little bit of encouragement for Hungarian people to get a bit more involved.

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  1. keramida says:

    That was a great piece of work.

    I didn’t really have to do anything to get stuff to build as part of our www/ tree, which made things much easier.

    I will go through the latest patch set today, and either commit it, or give you the go-ahead so you can commit it :-)

    Do you think it makes more sense to have stuff committed by me, or should we ask doceng to give you a doc commit bit too? I can take the role of a doc-mentor for a while, until you feel comfortable enough with making the changes directly to the tree yourself.

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