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Java, BSD

Thursday, May 25th, 2006

So, I’ve thought for a long time that maybe a blog is a good way of making the Java work I do for (Free)BSD more transparent. Whether I actually do it or whether you receive ENOTIME is the next question. At least you get one post.

Anyway, got back from OzTour 2k6 on Tuesday feeling very tired. Two small children, long time on an aeroplane, vomiting, you get the picture. Now I need to get back into the flow of the Java work in between catching up at work and unpacking. Mum came back with us to spend some time with the kids, so the office is still a guest room for the time being. This will limit my time until early July at best.

Read Kurt’s latest report on the progress of the next binary release. Looks like he is mainly fighting two problems. Doubt I’ll have time to help out unfortunately :(. Also, update 7 is out, so that may complicate things too.

Read Herve’s reply on adding the ability to configure command line options for javavmwrapper. He picked up at least one bug, so glad I had him look at it. Need to look at it again and follow up with him on that and the debug/dry run stuff.

Saw stuff on Slashdot about Sun announcing they are open sourcing Java. Need more information on that. Is it any different from what they are doing currently with JRL and JIUL? Presumably it is since they aren’t actually blessed “open source” licenses AFAIK.

Another email about the plugin not compiling with Firefox 1.5+. Must look at that sometime soon. *sigh*