ncurses is finally updated

After almost four years, the base’s ncurses is finally updated to 5.6 which is released last Dec. This work starts half year ago and restarted few weeks ago. I would like to thank everyone who helped me to do this update, especially delphij@ (reviewing patch and src commit approval) and kris@ (an exp run on pointyhat).

This is my first src commit and there are few errors: I accidentally import bash.core (but cvs automatically ignores it. Thanks God!), a typo, and I forget to do a force commit before removing old ncurses build glue. Well, the best thing is buildworld is ok and the ncurses is updated.

So, the next step is to enable wide character support and merge ncurses 5.6 into RELENG_6.

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  1. keramida says:


    The ncurses update was much needed, and you have done a great job integrating it into FreeBSD :)

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