To blog or not to blog, that is the question

Well, so here we are.

flz has been poking people for some time to got some blogs which could be part of the FreeBSD planet, but I never gotten around to setting one up. This is mainly because my homepage is static HTML so I can’t (/won’t) just use most of the standard blog software on my site. Anyway, flz now set up this blog so I thought I might as well register and try it out.

Time will show if I find something useful to say here. In case you are really bored and wonder who I am you can take a look at my homepage.

Today is a public holiday in Denmark and tomorrow is “mandatory” vacation from work, so with a bit of luck it will mean that over the next days I will get around to some of the things on my FreeBSD TODO list. This includes preparing for the new system, writing a FreeBSD Security Advisory, perhaps even working a bit on getting the wiki upgraded to a less ancient version (looks like flz is going to help with that). I might even make a post or two to this blog, time will tell.

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