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Sunday, August 20th, 2006

My vacation has ended (a few weeks ago now), so progress on sky has slowed down due to less “FreeBSD time” in general and even less time for sky setup since various other things has used up most “FreeBSD time”.

I’m currently trying to setup some of the backend magic required by the CGI scripts. For some scripts that is quite a lot of things that need to be setup behind the scenes, so this takes some time.

It also turned out that nobody has tried to run many of the CGI scripts on Perl 5.8, so it also takes some time to get the minor nits fixed for things changed since Perl 5.0.

So, overall things are progressing with sky, but it will take some time before it’s all done.

On Tuesday I’m giving a presentation at AAUUG in Aarhus about “The FreeBSD Security Officer function” and on Saturday I’m giving the same presentation at BSD-DK in Copenhagen. Since I haven’t made a presentation of this type before I’m a bit excited about how that’s going to turn out… I hope people will find it interesting… time will tell :-).