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October 26, 2006

Mono 1.1.18 in BSD# CVS repo

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Mono 1.1.18 was committed by Phillip Neumann to the BSD# CVS repo recently. In addition, last night gtk# (gtk-sharp20) was updated to 2.10. With this update the Gnome specific bindings were split out into a seperate Gnome# package (gnome-sharp20). I’ve also patched to add gtksharp10, gtksharp20, and gnomesharp20 to USE_GNOME. It’s tough to quickly figuring out which ports need gnome-sharp20 instead of just gtk-sharp20 so for now I’ve just switched all ports in the repo with a gtk-sharp20 dependency to USE_GNOME=gtksharp20 and I’m in the midst of tinderboxing the entire tree. That should catch all the ports which really need the Gnome# bindings. I’ll be fixing those issues as the tinderbox mails them to me.

Mono 1.2 will be announced in the comming weeks. With the current ports freeze in place I’m figuring I’ll wait until 1.2 is ready and commit all the changes in the BSD# tree to the FreeBSD tree in one large commit. amd64 support will also be left enabled at that time and all ports will be moved to LOCALBASE. If you’re interested in Mono on FreeBSD please see the BSD# homepage and instructions for using mono-merge to use the ports in the BSD# repo.

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