I finally got time and motivation to start writing pflsa. Code is pretty ugly. My PHP skills suck and it seems it prevents me from putting some decent logic in it. I will surely be rewritten, it’s still in proof-of-concept-mode.

What did change?

  • pxe_conf_url became pxe.conf.url and pxe_post_install_script_url is no longer used, moved to “${pxe.conf.url}?getscript”.
  • The configuration format changed too:
    1. It’s splitted in 3 parts %sysinstall, %packages and %post (a la kickstart ;-))
    2. in %sysinstall nothing changed. Except you can use ${size}K/M/G/T/P/E to define partition sizes, instead of number of sectors. installCommit is automatically added. If you have wishes about this part, ping me.
    3. %package target is just a list of packages. pflsa translates it into sysintall format.
    4. %post is actually a list of shell commands. When script is retrivied, pflsa will preprend shebang and few ready-to-go functions (to set timezone, enable services, set root password). I plan to add more functions: gmirror, adding users, etc. Here again, if you have ideas, ping me.
  • Per IP config support, with fallback to default.conf
  • Brownser friendly viewing (not yet finished and lamely based on User Agent).
  • I also add to pxe_crunch gdi (grab disk infos), with libdisk. I don’t really know if I’ll keep, do you need to inform pflsa about disk names/sizes?

If you want to have a look at pflsa files (source are not released yet, it’s too ugly ;)) it’s here.

Now it’s time for me to prepare dinner ;-) after that I’ll review gabor’s DESTDIR patch, and update apache ports.

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  1. 1 Thomas

    Any pflsa news? Are you still working on this project? I would be great to have a gui for this issue.

  1. 1 PXE for lazy sysadmins (part II

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