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more on zfs…

18. October 07

This time I ran izone with a 8GB file on : UFS 2 (newfs defaults) over a gstripe (stripe size 64k) volume zfs with 3 disks stripped UFS 2 (newfs defaults) over a zvol (equal to zpool size) zfs over a gstripe (stripe size 64k) volume UFS2 async + gjournal over a gstripe (stripe size […]

clement vs 7.0-PRERELEASE

16. October 07

No, I’m not dead (yet?). [Disclaimer]: I’m far from being an expert in VM or storage. Don’t use this post if you need to feed various trolls. To make the story short, I’m confused about my ZFS benchmarks – Yeah I know benchmark sucks – Write performances are quite impressive, but I feel uncomfortable with […]

mpm-itk is a working alternative to the b0rked perchild mpm, but in prefork mode. It’s currently maintained by Steinar H. Gunderson. Please see: for more details. It has been developed for apache 2.0.x and been ported to apache 2.2 recently.Since I enjoy apache 2.2 this little howto is made under apache 2.2.x but works […]

Last tuesday, I finally received few servers. We (my co-worker and I) have wasted 3 days waiting for hardware, sat next to datacenter door, playing Mario Kart DS. We added a new rack and put into it a cisco 2970 switch, 3 HP DL360, and 1 DL380 (all are G4). We configured iLO and went […]

I finally got time and motivation to start writing pflsa. Code is pretty ugly. My PHP skills suck and it seems it prevents me from putting some decent logic in it. I will surely be rewritten, it’s still in proof-of-concept-mode. What did change? pxe_conf_url became pxe.conf.url and pxe_post_install_script_url is no longer used, moved to “${pxe.conf.url}?getscript”. […]

In few weeks, I’ll have to upgrade our 2 clusters from old customised redhat 7.3 linux to FreeBSD 6-STABLE. The preliminary tasks are already done: applications are now FreeBSD friendly, they have been ports-ified too, config files are ready to be deployed. It sounds really good doesn’t it? But I have a big constraint: I […]

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