Alle Beitr├Ąge im July 2006

I finally got time and motivation to start writing pflsa. Code is pretty ugly. My PHP skills suck and it seems it prevents me from putting some decent logic in it. I will surely be rewritten, it’s still in proof-of-concept-mode. What did change? pxe_conf_url became pxe.conf.url and pxe_post_install_script_url is no longer used, moved to “${pxe.conf.url}?getscript”. […]

In few weeks, I’ll have to upgrade our 2 clusters from old customised redhat 7.3 linux to FreeBSD 6-STABLE. The preliminary tasks are already done: applications are now FreeBSD friendly, they have been ports-ified too, config files are ready to be deployed. It sounds really good doesn’t it? But I have a big constraint: I […]

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