nnwww.FreeBSD.org, step 1

The work on nnwww is continuing. I’m trying to find a better name of the box, but so far no genius names have been found, though the members of #bsddocs had some… interesting suggestions. iwantapony.freebsd.org and drososucks.freebsd.org were both discarded…

The rest of the FreeBSD 4 -> 6 migration was rather painless and there were basically no problems related to the upgrade itself. That said, I did spent some time doing silly things, which took some hours to track down as just me doing silly things.

I have now started with the jail setup. This will be done with “lightweight” jails where most parts are shared via read-only nullfs mounts to (hopefully) make it less painful to maintain. Basically each “major” service will be put in its own jail.

So far the “cvsup” and “build” jails are partially ready. The cvsup jail continuously keeps the local CVSup mirror updated and build jail simply contains the build of the www/ repository. Other builds (like portaudit-db) will probably be added to build jail later.

The “static” and “cgi” jails which will be hosting the web servers for the static pages and the CGI scripts are created, but not yet configured.

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