(AKA nnwww), step 2

After some more talk on #bsddocs (@EFnet), with many ideas for names for the new web-server, I decided on sky based on bluesky which erwin@ suggsted. bluesky just seemed so long to type all the time… :-). DNS has been updated so is the new official name.

The jail containing the static web pages is now mostly working, though it still need more magic in the apache configuration for all the reverse proxy, aliases etc. being done on the current setup. People have suggested using various other smaller web servers, but due to all the magic configuration we have that’s just not possible.

The cgi jail is also configured and most CGI script now works. That said I’m sure some tweaking is still needed to get all to run. In the process I also found one script which should have been removed long ago, so that has now been removed from CVS.

To take some of the load of the server for CGI scripts we use squid as a reverse proxy / HTTP accelerator. The reverse proxy jail, and the squid proxy within it, is also set up and working. In the latest stable squid version they changed how to set up a HTTP accelerator but they haven’t yet updated most of the documentation, so it took a bit of time find out out how to configure it (and I’m still not entirely sure I did it right, even if it works…).

peter@ got the firewall updated to allow traffic to the static and cgi jails, so basically all external requirements is done, and I just need to finish it all.

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