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mich: Amarok 1.4.1

I’ve just updated amarok to version 1.4.1 – a few things..

libvisual – no longer supported.
As of now amarok only supports libvisual-0.4 – and (for the moment) we only have 0.2 in the tree. I think markus@ is working on updating it.

libtunepimp was updated to 0.5 – and if installed on your system, it will break the amarok build. You should install audio/libtunepimp-old instead.

One of the cooler things with this update, is the function to play streams – it works nicely.

Also, ATF (Advanced Tag Features) – still on an early rollout, but an interesting feature.

mich: Amarok 1.4.0a hits the tree

I finally managed to get audio/amarok updated to 1.4.0a – it was a pain to get it to build, especially on 4.x which required no less than 13 patches.. sheeesh..
Obviously, I got a mail from the amarok developers 2 hours before the commit, telling me that they just released 1.4.1 – typical…

So I guess the circle begins again.
Btw, still no gstreamer support, so I guess we’ll have to make do with xine for a little while longer..

Anyway, if you use amarok – then go update..

mich: Closed some PRs for once..

Acutally managed to close a handful of PRs this week.. Haven’t done that in a while – time have only permitted for me to work on my own ports…

Still have some big issues with the amaroK port. I spoke to the amaroK developers and nothing indicates the upcoming 1.4.1 release will have gstreamer support – and I’m still uncertain whether or not I should commit the 1.4.0a update. Some testers say it works fine, and some says it’s buggy.. God, I dislike the xine engine.. though it seems almost stable when disabling crossfading.

A solution could be to repocopy the current amarok port, and have both 1.3.9 and 1.4.0a in the tree.. that would leave it up to each to decide whether they want to deal with xine..
If anyone have some words of wisdom on this matter, I’m all ears !

One cool thing with 1.4.0a is the support for iPod.. I just tried it out yesterday, and it works beautifully – also the support for CUE files..