Amarok 1.4.0a hits the tree

I finally managed to get audio/amarok updated to 1.4.0a – it was a pain to get it to build, especially on 4.x which required no less than 13 patches.. sheeesh..
Obviously, I got a mail from the amarok developers 2 hours before the commit, telling me that they just released 1.4.1 – typical…

So I guess the circle begins again.
Btw, still no gstreamer support, so I guess we’ll have to make do with xine for a little while longer..

Anyway, if you use amarok – then go update..

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  • There’s a minor problem wrt installing w/o libgpod. Installation bombs out during package registration because of missing whitespace. The following patch should clear things up.

    Thanks for putting this together! :) Hopefully going from 1.4.0a to 1.4.1 won’t be as bad as from 1.3.9. 😉

    — Makefile.orig Mon Jul 3 22:10:37 2006
    +++ Makefile Mon Jul 3 22:10:47 2006
    @@ -51,7 +51,7 @@

    .if !defined(WITH_GPOD)
    -PLIST_SUB+= GPOD=”@comment”
    +PLIST_SUB+= GPOD=”@comment ”
    LIB_DEPENDS+= gpod.302:${PORTSDIR}/audio/libgpod

  • I just commit the fix 5 minutes ago.

    Thanks !

  • Hi, I’ve just been trying to install this port, I’ve tried upgrading and uninstalling and reinstalling, but it keeps failing in ktrm.cpp, I ran make rmconfig, and the new config I selected everything but postgresql backend

    ktrm.cpp: In constructor `KTRMRequestHandler::KTRMRequestHandler()':
    ktrm.cpp:132: error: `tp_SetTRMCollisionThreshold’ undeclared (first use this function)
    ktrm.cpp:132: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in.)

  • Yeah, this is normal – as audio/libtunepimp was updated to 0.5 – and amarok does not support version 0.5.. Until a solution has been found, you have one of the following options:

    – Either downgrade libtunepimp to 0.4 – and recompile amarok
    – or, edit the amarok Makefile, and remove the following line:
    “tunepimp:${PORTSDIR}/audio/libtunepimp \”

    (This will remove the musicbrainz feature though)

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