Closed some PRs for once..

Acutally managed to close a handful of PRs this week.. Haven’t done that in a while – time have only permitted for me to work on my own ports…

Still have some big issues with the amaroK port. I spoke to the amaroK developers and nothing indicates the upcoming 1.4.1 release will have gstreamer support – and I’m still uncertain whether or not I should commit the 1.4.0a update. Some testers say it works fine, and some says it’s buggy.. God, I dislike the xine engine.. though it seems almost stable when disabling crossfading.

A solution could be to repocopy the current amarok port, and have both 1.3.9 and 1.4.0a in the tree.. that would leave it up to each to decide whether they want to deal with xine..
If anyone have some words of wisdom on this matter, I’m all ears !

One cool thing with 1.4.0a is the support for iPod.. I just tried it out yesterday, and it works beautifully – also the support for CUE files..

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  • Is it possible to build KDE without audio support at all?

    I’m just trying and it really, really wants it.

  • ehh.. kdelibs requires the arts library..

    I know that you can *run* KDE without audio, but I think you need the libraries.. I’m not a 100% sure though..

  • GStreamer is not a panacea too. Its API is not stable and it seems to eat more resources and a bit slower comparing to libxine (I’ve noted that on BMPx which was using libxine and switched to gstreamer recently).

  • True – but at least I’d give users the choice between one bad engine, or another 😉

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